Child Support

Child SupportĀ in Virginia

The financial support of the children of separated or divorced parties is of paramount concern to the state and its judges. Virginia Code Section 20-108.2 provides for guideline support, which is based on several factors, including (1) the gross income from all sources of each party; (2) the number of children to be supported; (3) the number of days each party has physical custody of the children during the year; (4) the cost of work-related child care, if any; and (5) the cost of medical insurance for the children of the parties. The court may deviate from the guidelines, but only if good cause is shown. If you have a divorce action pending before the Circuit Court in your jurisdiction, you may seek an award of child support. If you do not yet have grounds for divorce, you may seek an award of child support from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Whether you agree to an amount of child support in a written agreement, or if it is awarded by the court after a contested hearing, any award of child support may be modified upon a material change in circumstances.

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